About the Project

ms.jpgThis is a project undertaken for an English seminar which asks us to work in the model of a group of medieval scribes to create a miscellany. Our task is to group disparate texts, ranging from the early Middle Ages to the 21st century, together to comment on an issue of pressing social, political, and/or spiritual concern.

We three scribes-Gary, Berc, and Mike-decided to focus on the issue of globalization, marking the changes (if any) in attitudes about the cultural/religious other and how those shifts are reflected in the texts of an increasingly global world. Since blogging is a recent technological tool for collaborative and interactive discourse and communication, we thought it an appropriate method to present our research.

To browse the modern manuscript click on the above link labeled “The Texts“.

An informal bibliography that lists all the included texts in this study can be accessed by clicking on the bibliography link above.

Comments can be posted in response to each text in the body of the manuscript. Simply click on the title of the text you would like to write a comment for and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can write your comment in the provided text box.