Posted by: Scribe B | Monday, January 9, 2006

Richard Dawkins Interview With Yusuf Al Khattab

An excerpt from the television documentary, The Root of All Evil?, where evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins presents religion as a detriment to society and the world as a whole.

The transcript of the interview is below:

Dawkins: What I noticed coming to this center of world religions, what a lot of hatred religion fosters, I mean I am an antsiest, I have been rather gentle, I don’t hate people, but it seems to me that I am hearing hate on both sides.
Khattab: I hate atheists because atheists don’t care if somebody fornicates in the middle of the street, they don’t care if their women go bouncing around on TV topless, that makes no difference if they don’t believe anything. You don’t believe in a set rule, and you believe that a constitution can change, and you can amend the rules as they go along, and you don’t believe in God’s rule, then what law do you have? You just have manmade laws.
Dawkins (to himself): I realized that I was in the company of someone who has willingly bought into a fundamentalist dogma.
Dawkins: What do you think about the September the eleventh attacks on New York and the July the seventh attacks on London?
Khattab: OK, since you like to speak about evolution I would like to start before, what do you think about the Jews that have destroyed over 417 Arab villages including all Mosques and Masjids which wouldn’t affect you because you are an atheist? So what are you saying that we should sit back and say oh you know what, let’s progress and let’s sit down and drink tea and talk about what to do?, All I can say is if there was no quote unquote state of Israel, there would have been no September the eleventh.
Dawkins: But if we ever got to live together, it is not going to be helped if there are people of very very strong faith, who simply know they are right and are not amenable to arguments because there is somebody out there who is just as faithful as you and has his faith just as strong as yours, which is opposite to yours.
Khattab: You see, the problem is Richard, I think that you have fear. You know that this party of occupying Muslim lands and polluting society with these evil ideas that are around. It is not going to last forever. There will always be the soldiers of Allah there to give the response to this. So, we also want the same thing, all we want is that we want the non-Muslims at this point OFF the land of Muhammad Sala Allahu Alayhi Wa Salam, all the lands of Muhammad, we want the Kuffar out of it.
Dawkins: Do you want Islam to take over the rest of the world?
Khattab: Of course I want it to, and it will. So my advice is to clean up your show at home, take your forces off our lands, correct yourselves, fix your society. All right? Fix your women –
Dawkins: Fix your women? That’s not my business; that’s my women’s business.
Khattab: No, it is your business, it is your business, when you take the women and dress them like whores on the street –
Dawkins: I don’t dress women, they dress themselves.
Khattab: But you allow it as a norm, to let the women to go on the street dressed like this, what is going on with your society?
Dawkins: But I am interested in religion and the effect it has on the people’s minds and I am worried about you.
Khattab: And we are very worried about you. What’s going on with the stealing, with the theft, out of control… [conversation fades]


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