Posted by: Mike | Saturday, April 1, 1995

Awakening the World by Religious Wisdom

Good morning. I am delighted to have this opportunity to join with all of you here in this meaningful conference.

Globalization brings us the beauty of dialogue and interactions between various religions and cultures, but because of misunderstanding and misinterpretation, globalization will also become the source of conflicts, tensions, struggles and polarization. The polarization of these two extremes will become more obvious due to the convenience of transportation and advancement of IT.

I am here to share that, we should have a new common basis of ‘global education’ in order to bring forth a better future. We can discuss the issue above mentioned in three dimensions:-

  • The World of co-existence

I started to connect with this world after I completed my religious training for a few years. I deeply felt that, if there is no mutual respect and kind intention between various different religions, cultures and ethnic groups, and we do not let go our self-interest and egoism, then the future of humankind will be a dark age of wars and conflicts.

The first role of Globalization should be the nurturing of the acceptance of different cultures. By doing this, we realized that there are others other than us, and we really have to co-exist with each other peacefully and harmoniously. The interactions between different cultures, therefore, will definitely bring forth a positive impact and a virtuous vicious circle.

I believe everyone will have their own personal observation or practical experience as a witness. We need a holistic approach to uplift the ‘global consciousness’ to solve the crises of the earth.

In respond to the trend of globalization, we should nurture the paradigm of the continuation and preservation of the mother earth. This paradigm shift towards a ‘common entity’ of life is much more important than any personal spiritual practice, which, if developed, will nurture and embrace every cultures and interactions between cultures, and to bring peach and harmony. This is the consensus that we need to have for our global family.

In 1991, I then started preparations to establish a Museum of World Religions. As a model, we strive to promote the concept of “Respect for all faiths, tolerance for all cultures and love for all live”. I hope that this ideal will then create some great impacts in everyone’s mind. More and more people agreed and supported our concepts and actions. This is a practical religious globalization which replace ‘competition’ and ‘replacement’ with ‘interdependency’ and ‘communion’.

  • To nurture a transcendental Global Consciousness

And then, we hope by doing this, we can therefore generate a kind of new movement of spiritual awakening. We request every community to nurture a transcendental “Global Consciousness” that transcend all self-made boundaries and limitations, we pray that everyone will understand that the mother earth that we share is a place of co-existence for all beings; we should all awaken to the universal law of love, by realizin that: “ hatred can never be appeased by hatred, hatred can only be appeased by love”.

  • This holistic Global Consciousness has to be based on three principles:
  1. Firstly, realizing the “Golden Rule of life” – “do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to you” and the virtuous practice of helping the poor and the weak, we should therefore activate a friendly atmosphere of mutual-respect and forgiveness, to promote the concept of co-existential interdependency.
  2. Secondly, spiritual life is simple and natural, and it is an antidote to disasters brought by human greed. We should therefore return to this simple and spiritual way of life, to change our habitual tendencies of indulgence and to transform our materialistic values to spiritual ones – to save the earth from disasters.
  3. Thirdly, we must strive to make everyone realize that there is only one planet earth for all of us. To avoid an inevitable massive destruction and tragic crises, humankind must no longer adopt the posture of a conqueror and carve up the spoils of natural resources, but instead we should treat nature as the mother of all life. Stop all conflicts and wars, since the most important premise is not to harm the shared systems of live, and only then can we continue to co-exist.
  • The establishment of University of World Religion

I hope that through the common goal of spirituality, which is strongly emphasized by all religions, we can co-create a holistic force of unity. The multi-dimensionality that is overemphasized will only bring more confusions and misconducts to the younger minds, as well as the society as a whole.

The uniqueness of multi-culture should be build upon the basis of common entity of mutual respect and an appreciation of the system as a whole. This holistic common entity will not give any obstructions to the expression and development of the diversity and multidimensionality of various cultures. The non-duality and co-existence of the particular and the system as a whole, is therefore, the beacon of hope for the future of humankind. I sincerely hope that we can create a global enthusiasm in building a University of World Religion. Through the pervasive and powerful channel of education, we can bring-forth the momentum of global awakening. The co-existence between the holistic entity and multidimensionality will then be the vision of the world.

My past experience of religious dialogues convince me that, through the power and impact of religions and beliefs, we can all create a positive vicious circle of human’s basic goodness, and the ultimate goal of spirituality attained by all religions will then be the antidote to the downfalls of cultural differences and racial conflicts. This religious university of peace is a holy shrine of peace; it will be an institute of theory as well as practice. This significant institute will combine and integrate the essence of all religions and spiritual traditions, to ride on the wave of modernity and contemporary thoughts, and to create a great force of unity and great perfection. This university will nurture the young seeds of love and peace, and to train them to become the leaders and pioneers of the future global awakening.

As a simple Buddhist monk, I would like to share my Vision of University of World Religion with all of you:

  1. To promote the concept of “peace” and “all in one”, to bring peace and harmony to our mother earth.
  2. To build an educational mechanism which based on the concept of ‘global consciousness’, to promote a world-view of interdependency and to nurture the young seeds of love and peace.
  3. To unify and integrate various traditional wisdom of different religions, to develop and enhance the global education of spirituality. To establish a technical platform to promote religious dialogue and interactions;
  4. To establish an R&D Institution to clarify the roles and responsibility of various religion as a respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

This significant topic is actually the common ground of both religion and academy. I strongly believe that, the values of spirituality as well as its vision of global education will definitely be a crucial beginning for all of us.

Thank you.


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